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Websites for CPAs and Accountants

M&C Quik-Page websites for accountants are designed by
internet professionals and written by CPAs who understand
the clients and prospective clients of local firms.

M&C Quik-Page websites reflect your unique practice and promote your full range of services. You'll get an accounting website that works for you 24/7 to generate more year-round business

Your accounting website includes:

  • Your choice of design and opening page text
  • Three subpages promoting your firm's various accounting services
  • A one-year subscription to each of the following:
       — Quik-Link Tax Tip of the Week
       — Quik-Link Business Tip of the Month
       — Quik-Link Financial Tip of the Month
  • FREE online calculators
  • A FREE Tax Organizer that your clients can complete and bring with them to their tax appointment
  • 100 FREE postcards imprinted with your firm's information to announce your website to clients and prospects
  • One round of FREE minor text edits — good for the first year your site is online
  • Driving directions and map
  • FREE tax refund tracking (Federal/state)

With an M&C Quik-Page, you get an accounting website that is built to attract visitors and keep them coming back. You get a complete website, ready-to-go for as little as $698 (no recurring annual fees).

You can also add links and content from our full-range of Internet products to enhance your website and create a site that generates year-round business for you.

M&C Quik-Page Guarantee: You must be completely satisfied with your website, or M&C will refund your purchase price. No exceptions. No conditions. No time limits.

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"The Quik-Page website I bought from M&C attracts new clients from miles around. I had a couple, who lived in the city of New Haven, drive all the way to my office in Fairfield to engage my services. They mentioned they had passed a lot of CPA offices along the way. I asked them what prompted them to drive so far for my services and they said because my website looked like I cared."

"In addition to the broad reach of my site and the flattering image it projects, the technology you use to optimize viewing on mobile devices is terrific. I just love the way my site looks on a smartphone. Thanks for making my site stand out from the rest."

Robert A. Vance, CPA
Robert A. Vance, CPA LLC
Fairfield, CT • (203) 384-1040
M&C customer for 16 years


"Thank you for taking such good care of my website, Marcus. You and M&C are the best! I really appreciate the fact that you do everything in a professional manner. That's difficult to find these days."

David Krakower, CPA
San Mateo, CA • (415) 398-1100
M&C customer for 22 years


"We are extremely satisfied with our website upgrade from M&C. It has been the best use of our advertising dollars! We upgraded to a new 'responsive' website so it is viewable on smartphones and tablets. As an added bonus, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we increased our Google ranking to number one in our area! Thank you for doing a great job and having a great team!"

Samantha Kramr, CPA
Hoole & Kramr, CPAs, P.C
Houston, TX • (281) 469-6600
M&C customer for 16 years


"I have worked with Mostad & Christensen since 1986. They are a strategic partner. They provide consistent, high quality services and products that enhance my business. Most recently, they created a new website for my firm and I am delighted. I should have used them for this years ago. They did an outstanding job and I am thoroughly pleased with my website — The features, prices, and timeliness were more than I expected."

Timothy W. Hald, CPA
Austin,TX • (512) 363-5738
M&C customer for 31 years


"I'm so happy with my M&C website. When I compare it to the sites of other professionals in my area, I know I made the right choice! What I like best is the crisp, clean look of the design, how easy it is to navigate, and the professional image it projects of my practice."

Catherine D. McLaughlin, CPA
Toms River, NJ • (609) 529-4859
M&C customer for 16 years


"Last year I got 3 new clients that found me on the Internet and said the reason they chose me was because they liked my website. It looks very professional and is easy for visitors to understand and navigate."

Linda L. Heineman, CPA
Pasadena, CA • (626) 577-0979
M&C customer for 24 years


"I've known the importance of having a website for my small firm for quite some time, but I'm a CPA, not a tech guy. I looked into the local, national, and do-it-yourself providers, all claiming to have an easy solution. Finally I decided to try M&C. Results were quick and EASY! They have several styles to choose from and provide all of the content. My website was done my way and was up and running within a week. Thanks M&C for an awesome experience."

Carl A. Rummel, CPA
Rummel Accounting CPAs
Missoula, MT • (406) 251-3882
M&C customer for 10 years

"Our website is GREAT! We get so many compliments on how nice it is. The site helped us elevate the level of professionalism of our firm's image, which is excellent. M&C has added so much value to my firm."

Darlene M. Davis, CPA
Davis Associates CPAs
Florissant, MO • (314) 653-0008
M&C customer for 13 years


"We are thrilled with the website you helped us design. You worked with us closely right up to the very last edit. I receive compliments on it all the time. It's simple, easy to navigate, and projects a professional image of my firm and services.

"Everyone I have spoken to at M&C has been very helpful and friendly. I recommend M&C to my colleagues all the time."

David McIntee, CPA
McIntee Fusaro & Del Corral, LLC
Fairfield, NJ • (973) 882-0300
M&C customer for 22 years


"You did a great job on my website! I appreciate the way you handled the whole project. Not only were you responsive in my numerous requests, you also handled it in a timely manner. I feel very comfortable knowing that Mostad & Christensen, Inc. is behind me in my marketing efforts."

Daniel C. Moreno, CPA
Burlingame, CA • (650) 342-5915
M&C customer for 31 years