Monthly Archives: October 2016

“I don’t need marketing.” Are you sure?

We have been told by CPAs that they don’t need to market. “Why should I spend time and money on marketing when I have all the work I can handle?” Or “My clients already know what services I provide.”

You might have all the work you can handle, but do you have all the net profit you would like? Most practitioners lose a small percentage of customers every year for any number of reasons. Some clients move away, some die, some just change accountants.

You need a steady flow of good prospects to replace the lost clients. Wouldn’t it be great to replace the lost client with one that pays you more. That is what proper marketing can do for you. And as always, the greater the number of people who know who you are and what you do, the greater the likelihood that your new client will pay well for more of your services.

As to your clients already knowing what you have to offer, you should tell that to the advertising department at McDonald’s; they could save a fortune in wasted advertising dollars.