Monthly Archives: September 2016

CPAs: Get ready for October 15 filing deadlines and beyond

As many of us know, the October 15 filing deadlines have evolved into a second “busy” season. Followed by that is November, when many of us catch up on our continuing education, and then the holidays arrive. There hardly seems time enough to get ready for next year’s primary busy season!

Now is the time to get your marketing ducks in a row so that you can go into the 2017 busy season fully prepared. Here’s a short to-do list to get you started.

  • Solidify your marketing plan. Mark your calendar with important action dates and ensure that someone in your office is assigned specific duties to carry out the plan.
  • Renew your online and printed newsletter subscription(s).
  • Replenish your stock of client information brochures.
  • Upgrade your stationery, business cards, client folio covers, etc.
  • Streamline your website. Make it easy to update and manage year-round.
  • Stock up on tax return covers and tax appointment reminder cards.

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