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Tax Tips

"We've been publishing the Tax Tips since 1995 and we get very positive results each year. The Tips generate numerous phone calls from readers.

"Thank you for creating an ad series that performs so well from one year to the next."

Sally Helgeson
D.S. Rostagno, CPA, PC

Iron River, MI • (906) 265-1040
M&C customer for 21 years

Tax Reminder Postcards

"Last year we shopped around for a Tax Reminder Postcard. We were looking for something professional. M&C had exactly what we were looking for — there really was no other choice. Our clients were so impressed! Several mentioned how helpful the reminders were and one thought it so attractive she saved it. You can be very proud of your product. We are and we're ready to order more!"

Mary La Manna
James M. La Manna CPA PA

Bradenton, FL • (941) 487-3653
M&C customer for 2 years


Prescheduled Tax Appointment Cards

"We love your Tax Appointment Cards and Tax Date Stickers! We have received such a positive response from our clients. They like being able to tear off and send the confirmation card. The Tax Date Stickers serve as the perfect reminder for them. For us, the appointment cards have really helped with scheduling. Before, we would have to call our clients since they tended to overlook the appointment date that was included in their organizer. We ended up having to reshuffle appointments. Now, that's no longer a problem. Again, thank you for providing such great products!"

Bonnie Scott
Patricia Barnes, CPA

Carmichael, CA • (916) 481-8550
M&C customer for 21 years


Tax Date Stickers

"Every year I order the Tax Date Stickers. I would say out of 450 clients, about 300 of them come in and tell me, 'I just love those little Tax Date Stickers!' Everyone is so busy, having those yellow reminders they can stick right on their calendars makes it simple to remember. Thank you M&C for helping me make life easy for my clients."

Gail M. Buel, Accountant
Springfield Center, NY • (315) 858-1617
M&C customer for 9 years



"Recently we put together a Direct Marketing campaign that included your postcards. Out of the 175 new homeowners we targeted, we gained 25 new clients, 10 of which were due to your products. The numbers don't sound like much, but when we spend only $3000 with a $20,000 return, just in new tax returns, it's a no-brainer! We will continue earning from these clients who will be coming back next year and we can show them our real passion of financial planning. Your products are very high-end and your customer service is easy to deal with, making M&C a great company to work with."

Margaret McCarthy, CPA
Tim McCarthy CPA/PFS, CLU

Avon, CT • (860) 676-8635
M&C customer for 4 years


Stationery Products

"I'm using M&C's very professional Tax Return Covers and have received many positive compliments from clients about them. The ease of binding, as well as the individual side pocket for additional forms and business cards, is a big plus with my clients. The gold foil imprinting and embossed CPA Seal on the cover makes me look like one of the Big Four!"

Stephen Broder, CPA
Stephen N. Broder, CPA LLC

Cherry Hill, NJ • (856) 751-5552
M&C customer for 23 years

"My first order with M&C was for the Embossed CPA Seal Folios. I use them for my client packages and have received generous feedback. They say the Folios look very professional and offer a very nice presentation. I will definitely be ordering these in the future."

Susan Carter, CPA
Susan Carter, CPA, P.A.

Orange Park, FL • (904) 213-7743
M&C customer for 6 years

"I've been purchasing M&C's Folios since 1994. My clients are very impressed with the professional image they portray. It is the ideal companion to the quality service we provide."

Sharon Locke-Stoney, PA
Practical Solutions Co, Inc.

Bronx, NY • (718) 519-0322
M&C customer for 20 years

"I had been using a tax return cover from another firm. They were nice, but very expensive and time consuming to assemble. M&C covers project the same high quality look at a much lower cost; they're easier to assemble, more functional, and project the professional image I was after. I'm so glad I made the switch."

Scott M. Wakerley, CPA
Wakerley & Associates CPA
Newaygo, MI • (231) 652-5966
M&C customer for 6 years

"I have been using M&C's Tax Return Covers for the past several years. The response from my clients has been overwhelming. Clients tell me it means so much to receive their returns packaged so elegantly. The combination of the Covers and the Tax Year Seals adds to the professional image of my firm."

Robert J. Garrity, CPA
Robert J. Garrity, CPA PC
Dedham, MA • (781) 329-6680
M&C customer for 12 years

"I receive so many compliments on the stationery we purchase from M&C. Clients are always commenting on the look and quality. I have been using your stationery products for many years. I love your products and will continue to use them."

Claudia West, CPA
West & Associates CPA, PC
Trenton, MI • (734) 692-3600
M&C customer for 22 years

"Your Copper Foil CPA design has been quite a conversation piece. Ever since I started using this stationery, I've been getting compliments from clients as well as other professionals. I'm always being asked who designed it, and I wish I could take credit. Thanks for helping me make such an impression among clients and colleagues."

Randy Crews, CPA
Randy L. Crews CPA PLLC
McAllen, TX • (956) 630-1982
M&C customer for 8 years


Gifts for Clients

"I have ordered your chocolates since 2004 and they are the perfect gift for my clients. Sometimes I tell my clients that going to a CPA is like going to the dentist except we don't have Novocaine, so this is the best I can do. Then I hand them one of your chocolate bars. Your chocolates break the ice in this profession which is why I continue to order them."

Doug Snyder, CPA
Snyder & Gaggini CPAs, LLC

Portland, OR • (503) 297-2610
M&C customer for 11 years

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your chocolate products! They are a big hit with my clients and I must admit we love them here in the office as well. In fact, I secured a new client because of the chocolates! This client had an initial interview appointment with me and I made sure to give him some chocolates. He came back to our office several times and each time enjoyed more chocolates. He is now an $1,800 a year client."

Robert Goodman, CPA
Robert Goodman PC
Newton Center, MA • (617) 964-4766
M&C customer for 28 years


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