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Full-Color Client Update

"Prior to receiving the fall issue of our Client Update newsletter we received several calls from clients who were concerned about identity theft. A couple of weeks later when we received the fall issue, we were delighted to see the main article on the front page of the newsletter was 'IRS Warns About "Carrot and Stick" Identity Theft.' The timeliness of your articles projects a very positive image of our firm. Thank you!"

Nigro & Nigro, PC
Murrieta, CA • (951) 698-8783
M&C subscriber for 12 years

"We send the Client Update to all of our clients. Given the quality appearance and content of the newsletter, it is a very effective marketing tool and image enhancer. Our goal each year is to generate enough new business or attract enough new clients to cover the annual cost of the newsletter. We have far surpassed that goal each year. An image enhancer and a revenue generator. What more could you ask for."

Mark L. Love, CPA
M Love & Associates, LLC
Worcester, MA • (508) 797-5200
M&C subscriber for 5 years

"We are numbers people. We don't have the time or desire to write our own newsletter, so the Client Update has been the ideal newsletter for us and our clients. Each issue generates calls from clients with questions about something they've read."

Vicki Krueger
Roberts, Ritschke & Tyczkowski, Ltd.
Neenah, WI • (920) 722-2141
M&C subscriber for 28 years


Monthly Newsletter

"For several years we've created an in-house newsletter using content from the Monthly Newsletter we get from M&C. Our newsletter is our primary contact with our key clients and referral sources. It's essential that the information be timely and addresses the needs of our clients. We've used other sources for content in the past. However, too much of the information didn't apply to our client base and the quality of writing wasn't what we've come to expect. Thank you M&C for helping us create a newsletter our clients find helpful and enjoy reading."

Richard A. Wachsmith, Jr.
Grebb Johnson Reed & Wachsmith

Ellensburg, WA • (509) 925-9876
M&C subscriber for 10 years

"We've been using the Monthly Newsletter for over 23 years. We tell our clients that our newsletter is our primary communication tool for alerting them to changes. Our clients do read the newsletter and mention how much they appreciate receiving it. We appreciate that each issue has articles of interest to both individuals and businesspeople, and how current the topics are!"

Silvia Newell, CPA
Newell & Newell, P.C.

Columbus, GA • (706) 653-6919
M&C subscriber for 26 years


Tax & Business Letter

"M&C has been an excellent resource for our firm. The Tax & Business Letter and the Tax Planning Letters are full of good information that our clients care about. Sending the newsletters creates many opportunities to assist our clients with their tax planning. Recently, we decided to use M&C to create our website. I was so happy to find how affordable and easy it was to customize and add information that our current clients and potential clients would find useful. But, most of all, the customer service provided by M&C is amazing. I have complete confidence in their staff. They are professional and nice. I always feel they have my business' best interest in mind."

Michelle Robertson
Sunken Accountancy Corporation

Ventura, CA • (805) 658-1272
M&C subscriber for 13 years


Tax Planning Letters

"After I used the Midyear Tax Planning Letter for the first time, I got such a great response from my clients I signed up for the Year-End and New-Year issues."

Leslie Martin, CPA
Solana Beach, CA • (858) 603-0652
M&C subscriber for 4 years

"We are so pleased with the response the Midyear and Year-End Letters generate, that we just signed up for the New Year issue! As a result of the Letters, clients call to discuss tax planning ideas that will put them in the most advantageous position. We feel our clients view the firm as a place of resources and not just taxes."

Mark L. Schmitt, CPA
Rock Hill, SC • (803) 324-7511
M&C subscriber for 7 years

"I have subscribed to the Midyear Tax Planning Letter since 2002 and received such tremendous feedback from my clients that now I subscribe to all three issues of the Tax Planning Letter! My clients really love the way I stay in touch with them. It lets them know I'm here for them."

Michael A. Boman, CPA, CGMA
Fallbrook, CA • (760) 731-3309
M&C subscriber for 14 years

"I've ordered the Year-End Tax Planning Letter for many years, but was very impressed with your Midyear Letter. There was tax legislation on the 17th and I was so surprised that you had content already on the legislation. In fact, you had the tax bill right out of the chute! Thank you for providing us with timely materials that benefit our clients."

Joanne Morton, EA
Morton & Associates

Waterford, CT • (860) 443-0066
M&C subscriber for 19 years


Today's Money

"You devised a fresh approach to newsletters and I could not be more thrilled with Today's Money. Each issue includes timely topics in a readable form. Thanks so much for providing a great product to send to clients and prospects."

Marilyn Ziemann, CPA
Pasadena, CA • (626) 794-9621
M&C subscriber for 8 years

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