Ready-to-use Tax Tips for effective tax season marketing

Tax Tips

1. Publish Tax Tips in local newspapers.

2. Post Tax Tips on your website.

3. Email Tax Tips to clients and prospects.

Tax season is the most effective time for you to market your firm's services. People are focused on taxes and your firm's marketing message has more impact than at any other time of year.

Tax Tips are a series of quick and timely tax messages designed specifically for tax season marketing. Publish Tax Tips in local newspapers or community newsletters to increase your firm's visibility in your area. Email the tips to attract new clients and stay in touch with existing clients. Post the tips on your website or Facebook page to reach clients and prospects online.

Each tip is short and sweet — quick enough to get read and relevant enough to be remembered. We'll email you all 30 tips in December — you decide how often you want to publish, post, or email. High-impact and easy to use — Tax Tips will get your firm noticed and your phones ringing.

Tax Tips

30 Tax Tips are emailed to you in December. Full-color and black and white versions included. Tax Tips can be published at full or reduced size.

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