How to Boost Your Profits With a Client Newsletter

Don't hide your newsletter — use it!

The point of having a client newsletter is to get it in as many hands as possible, putting your name and the services you offer in front of people. People don't need accounting services every day, so you must put your name in front of clients and potential clients as often as possible. When they need the services you offer, these people will think of your name first.

Some other suggestions

Ask for referrals

Don't hesitate to ask for referrals. Ask clients for the names of friends, relatives, or business associates who might like to receive your newsletter. When you receive the names of prospects, be sure to follow-up promptly. It's a good idea to send a cover letter with the first newsletter you send to new prospects.

Write a note

With each issue of your newsletter, select a few clients and write a note in the newsletter margin or on a separate note attached to the newsletter. The handwritten note might call the client's attention to something in the newsletter that you feel should be of interest. Encourage other staff members to write notes on newsletters sent to clients with whom they deal most closely.

Drop by to visit

Visit your business clients occasionally and deliver your newsletter in person. Leave a few extra copies that clients can give out to friends and employees or put in their reception area.


How to Boost Profits with a Client NewsletterWhen mailing your newsletter to prospects, contact these individuals after three or four issues to see if they'd like to continue receiving your newsletter. At the same time, ask if you can be of service to them.

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